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    “I love your shirts! I got so many compliments!”
    — Margaret

    “We love your spring shirts! Please send my best to Farinaz.”
    — Joelle

    “I'm always on a quest for the perfect white shirt. I fell in love with your shirts in a boutique in Julian, CA. They only had a few...and none in my size. The style was button-down with two fitted buttoned seams on either side of the front opening. LOVE IT! I made a mental note to find you online. Thanks!”
    — Susan

    “Where in Manhattan can I buy your blouses? I received one as a gift and I love it.”
    — Mirande

    “I’m just in love with your clothing line!”
    — Monika

    “I recently purchased a Farinaz blouse while out of town and I just love it.”
    — Janet

    “Can you tell me if there are any retailers in Boise, Idaho, that carry your clothing? Love these blouses!”
    — Nancy

    “I am a huge fan of your designs! I wear a size 10 and they are a beautiful fit.”
    — Katherine

    “I looked in my closet and actually have 4 of your shirts. Your designs are beautiful, flattering and versatile. I get so many compliments when I wear them. Thank you, and keep the wonderful shirts coming!”
    — Kathy