Finding Your Personal Style

Often I get the question, “what’s in style” and I always answer that it’s “anything and everything.”

In the fashion world, “style” is typically shorthand for “personal style,” or the way an individual reflects themselves through aesthetic choices such as clothing, accessories, hair and how they combine these elements together.

Your style is as unique as your fingerprint or your DNA. It’s how you feel in your clothes and how you communicate who you are to others. It’s about perception and reality neatly woven together to create the fabric of your being. Everyone has a style. We are all defined by our own personal style and no two styles are exactly alike.

Style is timeless, elegant, sexy, bold or understated. Simply, style doesn’t go out of style. Style is always true to the aesthetic and is all about developing a sense of self, rather than simply absorbing the latest fashion fad. Style is a sense of knowing who you are and what you are made of. It’s the image you create at work, at play, at rest. You’re are the star in your movie!

Style is pairing a classic white cotton shirt with a pant or a skirt for work and then pairing the same shirt with your favorite denim jeans that evening. It’s all about investing in clothing that expresses your sense of self and never ages over time. It’s your personal brand.

This is how my Farinaz  celebrates the curves of your body! Every woman is as unique as your individual style, creating clothing that fits these curves became my passion and my art.

Clothes, especially women’s shirts, right off the rack are boxy, baggy or straight. Cookie cutter shirts are just that. They don’t fit the form, the beautiful curves of what makes each woman’s silhouette spectacular, radiating beauty, confidence and power. My Signature Collection of classic white shirts are super feminine and fabulous fitting.

Many customers visit our store to recalibrate their style and the process is energizing. One customer last week did something fun with a silk scarf over one of our classic white shirts. It was an ingenious use of an accessory, I had never seen before and it was amazing. And she felt amazing wearing it. This is style.

What’s your style? Look in your closet. Think about the clothes that make you happy, strong, confident. What are your favorite items? How do they feel? Study these pieces and find a common thread—no pun intended. See what they have in common.

As you categorize your wardrobe, pull the items you haven’t worn in 2 to 3 years and donate them. If you don’t wear it, it’s not your style.

Create a wardrobe capsule.  Get started with a collection of basic pieces that you can mix and match to create effortless, classic looks. Invest in timeless pieces in basic colors first like black, white, powder pink or blue and one bright color that speaks to you the most, which go with everything. Classic pieces include a little black dress, a classic white shirt, a pair of blue or black leggings, a blazer and a leather or wool coat. You may have a few of these items already in your closet. Try them on and if they make you feel beautiful, keep them. If not, replace them. These items may be simple, but they’ll accentuate your unique style by providing a sophisticated, interesting, sexy, feminine, yet a timeless foundation. Remember, every stitch you own should make you feel fabulous.

Once you create your capsule collection, begin to add pieces to your wardrobe that show off your style personality. Experiment with colors. Try some accessories like my customer, and mix and match textures, but always stay true to your foundation basics. Personal style is all about your individuality and discovering what clothes showcase who you are and what you can be.

Need inspiration? If you’re looking to define your style, look for fashion inspiration. Browse some fashion magazines and Instagram’s European magazines from different countries and cultures. Always add a twist.

My website does not follow the trends but we do create them. We simply design shirts and inspire editorial. Choose to be more unconventional like a beautiful flower arrangement in an art gallery. Choose the colors and texture on a nature walk or a Sunday farmer’s market with the beautiful choices of color! Inspiration is all around you! What is your style?

Start with the basics. For basics, consider a classic white shirt from my Farinaz Signature Collection. This wardrobe basic is a must have for every woman. It’s a timeless design, made from the finest, 100 percent mercerized cotton from Italy. You’ll love how it feels and how it makes you feel wearing it.

Again, it’s not an assembly line garment—a one-size fits all as your size and shape are unique. From slender to Rubenesque, your body type is as one-of-a-kind as your personality. I’ve made the classic white shirt the centerpiece of my collections as it is that important. There are a variety of classic styles for you to choose from and each shirt is tailored so it moves as you move. You feel comfortable yet it flows close to your body. Do the seat test: if you feel comfortable, you got it! And don’t worry about what size you are. Size is just a number and our sizing could be bigger than commercial products—the bottom line is you’ll look feminine. We show your curves and you’ll look sleek and slim in our product no matter what size you are. A close fit equals confidence.

Each tailored classic white shirt is handcrafted for you. This is why our Signature Collection is the foundation of every wardrobe!

Peruse other basics like some comfortable Farinaz leggings in black or grey. Or add a splash of color with lime or coral leggings. Our leggings are super comfortable and functional—perfect for the board room or boarding a plane for vacation. Pair them with a classic white shirt and you’re ready for work or an evening out. (And, I just designed a Signature legging that will release at end of the month! Stay tuned! It's fabulous!)

Be the shining star in your movie!

As always, it’s my pleasure to share my thoughts and collections with you. My goal is to empower every woman by designing feminine, elegant, sexy and timeless clothing that reflects a woman’s strength, confidence, and power—exuding who we are and what we can be.  

Wishing you a fabulous Farinaz day.



P.S. Join me at the Rainier Club on September 16 at 6pm for a fabulous fashion event! No need to rush, just click on this link and you'll "Zoom" the event. See the latest styles for Fall. See you there! XOXO