How fast will my order be processed?
Within 24 hours on a business day.
When will my order ship?
Within 2 business days.


Do you offer free shipping and returns?
If more than $300, free shipping and return labels
What are my shipping options and how long do they take?
Ground (5-7 days depending on location) 2 days, overnight. Basic -Express
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, price auto set on weight and location through our carrier online.
Do you require a signature for delivery?
What if I don't have a doorman? No signature unless requested


How do I return or exchange something?
(Domestic Orders) Email info@farinaz.com – will provide RA# (to be written on return box). Must receive products within 6 business days otherwise cannot return.
How do I make a return?
Use same or personal box with RA# clearly written.
How soon will I receive my refund?
Within 24 hours of receiving the product at the shop.


How does your sizing run?
We create European sizing which is typically 1 size smaller than US sizing. We carry 2-16 and XS-XL.
How can I see the products in person?
Customer call #206-612-0155 to schedule appointment. If not local, email farinaz@farinaz.com. Will have CC# on file to send up to 4 shirts to try on.
How do I wash my Farinaz?
Mostly hand wash cold if cotton, some pressing may be required. For non- cotton, dry clean only (silk, cashmere)
What makes Farinaz shirts so special?
I want women to have a desire to embrace their body, wearing my shirts you will feel empowered, because of the hand-picked fabrics, close fit and comfort of the European fabrics. I blend my own colors, hand select the fabrics; each tells a story. You will get compliments wearing my shirts which translates into confidence. The shirt fit is slimming, like the Italian woman would wear (not baggy). You are amazing, embrace it!