Farinaz Taghavi revolutionized the fashion industry in 2002 with her classic white silhouette tailored women’s shirts, made from the finest European fabrics available. Since then, Farinaz has continued to transform women’s fashions with timeless, well-fit designs made from the most luxurious fabrics.

Born in Iran, a cultural center of the Middle East, Farinaz immigrated to the United States at the age of 15, later earning her Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design from the University of Washington. She has spent more than 20 years as a fashion designer, textile designer, creative director, founder and principal of several companies dedicated to the design and manufacturing of clothing.

Farinaz has dedicated years designing and wholesaling her creations through Source 4 Design, and has had her clothing lines featured in upscale boutiques, Nordstrom, Niemen Marcus and other fine stores.

Farinaz is a world renowned, top tier fashion designer of women’s apparel, specializing in classic, timeless design. She has woven her background and travels throughout the globe into the fabric of her designs. Her collections celebrate every woman’s strength and beauty, no matter what size or shape, empowering women everywhere to express their sense of style, confidence and intellect while underscoring classic elegance.

Watch an interview with Farinaz about her products and process.

"The woman is the design. The shirt is the detail." - Farinaz Taghavi